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Be-Delphi Delphi Developer Day

Be-Delphi is organizing their first (of many) Delphi Developer Day on November 17th in Edegem near Antwerp. That day will be completely dedicated to Delphi and Prism.

At Be-Delphi, Devia will be holding a talk about the new LiveBindings in Delphi XE2, so be sure to grab a hold of me and say hello !

Be-Delphi 2.0 ... was even better than last year

written by Stefaan Lesage on 23/11/2012

On the 22nd of november, Be-Delphi organised it's second delphi conference in Belgium. I was quite proud to be invited as a speaker again, together with some big names in the Delphi world like Brian Long, Marco Cantu, Pawel Glowacki, Bruno Fierens, Bob Swart and Filip Lagrou.

What is Be-Delphi

Well .. Be-Delphi is an initiative from Filip Lagrou and his goal is to promote the use of Delphi by organizing events, consultancy, training, component- and tool reseller and custom development. Last year he organized the very first Be-Delphi Developer Event, and this year it was time for Be-Delphi 2.0. Last year I gave a presentation about Live Bindings in Delphi XE2 ... but this year I decided to talk about something else ... something I'm quite passionate about ...

UI <>UX and why you should care about that

For those of you who worked with me in the past, it wont be a big surprise, but I've always been a perfectionist when the User Experience is concerned. I'm probably one of those Delphi developers who can take of his Developer hat and look at an application or screen with a Common User hat. This has always allowed me to see things other developers don't notice, find bugs others don't, find holes in workflows ... and yes ... notice that buttons placed one pixel lower than all other buttons.

Many developers think about those things as a non-issue. Who cares about the pixel ... it works. And if it's only a pixel ... then they might be right. Personally I'm the developer who will try to fix those things. It probably takes longer to say 'Who cares about that pixel' than actually moving the button up one pixel anyway. I have also noticed that a lot of developers are big fans of their mouse. For most of them using keyboard shortcuts is just a wast of time ... although plenty of them know the shortcuts for Copy and Paste way too well :-)

So ... to make a long story short ... I decided not to show any code, but instead focus on the whole User Experience thing. Since I'm quite passionate about that ... it can also get a little emotional, and I think I put all of those emotions in my presentation. The presentation itself is available on SlideShare and I have embedded it into this post. Of course ... you will only get the slides and you will miss the emotions, stories and anecdotes I uses in my presentation.

UI is not the same as UX and why you should care about that (Be-Delphi 2.0) from Stefaan Lesage

During the day I also shot a few pictures which I have uploaded to my Flickr stream. Feel free to go check them out in the Be-Delphi 2.0 set.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions and Feedback

If you attended my session at Be-Delphi 2.0 and have any additional questions, comments, suggestions or feedback ... please feel free to get in touch. And if you encounter some nice examples of bad or good User Experience you can always take a picture and send it to me. Who knows ... I might add it to a revised version of this presentation.


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    Thanks! Great slides!

    written by Klaus on 24/11/2012
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    Thanks Klaus ... glad you liked it.

    written by Stefaan Lesage on 24/11/2012
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