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Be-Delphi Delphi Developer Day

Be-Delphi is organizing their first (of many) Delphi Developer Day on November 17th in Edegem near Antwerp. That day will be completely dedicated to Delphi and Prism.

At Be-Delphi, Devia will be holding a talk about the new LiveBindings in Delphi XE2, so be sure to grab a hold of me and say hello !

Blogworld & New Media Expo 2009

written by Stefaan Lesage on 21/10/2009

Last week I was in Las Vegas for the 2009 edition of Blogworld & New Media Expo. The conference was great, packed with a lot of good sessions, and I got the opportunity to meet up with quite a few people ...

Expensive ? Yes, but worth every penny


Blogworld & New Media Expo

It took me a while before I actually decided to go to Las Vegas for the Blogworld and New Media Expo. After all it is quite a long and expensive trip from Belgium. But now that I have been there, I have to admit that the cost of the whole trip was nothing compared to the information and knowledge I gathered during the many sessions. I learned quite a lot of new things from people with a lot more knowledge about New and Social Media than myself.

If you would ask me if it was worth it's money, I would definitely answer YES !

If you would ask me if I will be attending next year ... well if I can fit it into my schedule, then surely YES !

What I expected from Blogworld & New Media Expo

Before I actually left for Blogworld & New Media Expo, I had some expectations, and the most important ones were to learn and to network. If I could succeed in both then the trip would have been worth it to me. I was hoping to learn a lot of new things about Podcasting and everything related to Podcasting.

What did I get at Blogworld & New Media Expo

The tracks and sessions at Blogworld & New Media Expo

The first day of the Expo sadly didn't have any Podcasting related sessions at all, but pretty soon I noticed there were a lot of other great sessions that day. There was a whole track about using Social Media for non-profit organizations which was actually very interesting.

That track was not only interesting for the non-profit organizations but were also packed with great information for general use. At one point someone mentioned that it isn't the number of people you know which will allow you to raise the most money. You actually need to put out regular updates, progress reports, keep people engaged and get them wrapped up in the Cause. I believe that most of this is actually true for anything you wish to do with social media, even with Podcasting.

Networking Opportunities

The conference was actually a great opportunity to meet new people, and meet up with the faces behind some podcasts I have been listening to. I met up with a lot of people from the Mac Roundtable Crew and a few others. Some of the podcasters and other people I met were Allison Sheridan (Nosillacast), Victor Cajaio (Typical Mac User and Typical Shutterbug Podcast), Don McAllister (ScreenCastsOnline), John Chambers (One Minute Tip), George Starcher, Dave Hamilton, John F Braun, Jean MacDonald (Smile on my mac), Chuck Joiner (MacVoices), David Sparks (MacSparky), Israel Hyman (IzzyVideo) and Dr. Talli van Sunder (Being Healthy for Busy People). I really hope I didn't forget anyone in this list.

What did I miss at Blogworld & New Media Expo

The Blogworld Expo Website

I don't know why, but I had the impression, during the months leading up to the event, that there were a few things missing. Even till a week before Blogworld & New Media Expo I had that impression. Most of the Sessions on the Calendar and the Website didn't have any detailed description at all. Even when checking the Schedule and the details for the sessions I attended, all of them say 'Session description coming soon'. Without details on the different sessions it was actually hard to choose, and I guess a few people (including me) might have missed a few very interesting sessions.

Famous in the US might be unknown elsewhere

In some of the Keynote sessions people were brought on to the stage which should be famous, but I never heard of them. For example, The Bloggess might be famous and well known in the US, but I had never heard of her before. She was funny, but she gave me the impression she had too much of something before she showed up on stage. That whole last keynote was quite funny, but in my humble opinion it didn't add anything of value to Blogworld & New Media Expo.

The Expo floor felt a bit strange to me

Well, I did expect a lot more audio and video equipment vendors on the exhibit floor, sadly only Shure was there with some interesting goodies. During the many sessions I attended, I noticed that there was a great interest in Video for blogging and podcasting, but yet not Video Equipment Vendors were actually present. Maybe something to look at for next year ?

What will the future bring for Blogworld & New Media Expo

Well, I hope the people behind this convention will learn from the small problems and mistakes they made. After all, we are all human and we do all make mistakes, but we need to learn from those. I'm quite sure that next years Blogworld & New Media Expo will be even bigger and better, and if I can squeeze it into my schedule I will surely be part of it. And if there is any additional need for speakers to fill the Podcasting track, I might even be interested to help with that.


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    I agree with your opinion on the final keynote.  We were hoping that it would be more educational vs. self promotion.

    BTW, I enjoyed reading your blog post on BlogWorld. :)

    written by Talli van Sunder on 31/10/2009
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    Hi Tali,

    Nice to see you out here as well, had a great time meeting you and all the others at Blogworld Expo.

    Personally I learned a lot from it, and had the opportunity to meet with people I’ve been talking to over the InterWebs for a few years now.  I’ll probably be heading out to Blogworld Expo next year as well, and who knows I might even do a session on Podcasting too.



    written by Stefaan Lesage on 31/10/2009
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