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Be-Delphi Delphi Developer Day

Be-Delphi is organizing their first (of many) Delphi Developer Day on November 17th in Edegem near Antwerp. That day will be completely dedicated to Delphi and Prism.

At Be-Delphi, Devia will be holding a talk about the new LiveBindings in Delphi XE2, so be sure to grab a hold of me and say hello !

Devia Sponsoring Barcamp Antwerp

written by Stefaan Lesage on 27/02/2009

For those of you who don't know, Barcamp is an international network of user generated conferences.


Here in Belgum, there have already been a few Barcamps, and this time Barcamp will take place in Antwerp on Saturday the 21st of march 2009 in the ALM, Filip Williotstraat 9 in Berchem.

The hugely popular "un-conference" is an open, participatory workshops-event. This event has no real agenda, no true list of speakers, but instead attendees can register for the conference, and they will be shaping the event by giving a presentation or helping out where necessary. Barcamp is created by the community, the workshops are given by the community and they are actually given to the community.

Barcamp Antwerp is also the perfect moment to get together with like-minded people, and get to know the faces behind blogs, FaceBook pages and Twitter nicknames. A wide variety of topics is covered by many different people, ranging from topics in the blogosphere, development topics, gadgets, GTD, ... it could actually be just anything. As you can see, Barcamp is a great opportunity to meet and learn.

Although Barcamp Antwerp is free to attend, organizing an event incurs many expenses (Venue, Catering, Wifi, Stationary, Drinks, ... ). In order to cover some of these expenses Devia has decided to sponsor the event together with Nucleus and Chocolateque. Barcamp Antwerp can still use your help, wether you will be helping out, or are willing to sponsor the event. You can find all information on how to contact the the organizers on the Barcamp Antwerp website.

We hope Barcamp Antwerp will be a huge success, and we will be happy to meet you all there.


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    Er zijn al zoveel interessante mensen ingeschreven.  Dat moet gewoon een dag vol heel leerrijke en diverse slots opleveren.  De moeilijkheid zal vooral worden om de juiste eruit te kiezen om dan ‘s avonds toch te merken dat je nog zoveel boeiends niet gehoord zal hebben.

    written by Anne on 27/02/2009
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