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How to use Social Media to improve your Product, Service or Brand.

written by Stefaan Lesage on 02/12/2009

In our last article we gave a brief overview of what Social Media is and what it's all about. Today we would like to talk about how you could use Social Media to improve your product or brand.


Now that we know what Social Media is, it is important to think a few minutes about how you could use Social Media to make your product, service or brand better. It doesn't really matter if you have a big company with a lot of products or services, or if you are a small company only providing a single product or service. What is important is that Social Media is here, everyone is using it, and you could use Social Media to get better at what you do.

Monitor what people are saying about your Product, Service or Brand

It is a good idea to start monitoring what people are saying about your product or service. Wether that's on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs or in Podcasts, you should be able to keep an eye on what your customers are saying.

Positive Feedback is always nice, negative feedback is priceless !

I know a lot of you (myself included) look for positive feedback on the things you do. It's always great to get compliments and see people say you're doing a great job. But personally I pay special attention to people giving negative feedback. The main reason here is that I can use that information to learn from my mistakes, and make sure that I do a better job next time.

Feedback has become personal again

Since Social Media is allowing everyone to express their opinions (good or bad), it can become a big source of information. Before the era of Social Media, people would express their opinions about a product or a service, but chances are that by the time that feedback reaches you, you have no idea where it originally came from. That makes it pretty hard to work with that feedback.

With Social Media everything is becoming personal again. If you notice some feedback on Facebook or Twitter, it is now pretty easy to determine who actually gave that feedback. You can even contact that person directly and ask for more information !

Use the negative feedback to get more information from your customers

A few days ago, I upgraded a software product I bought and started to notice some problems with the new version of the product. I created a few tweets about it, asking if other users had the same problems. Apparently the company was monitoring the Tweets about their product and they noticed my feedback.

It didn't take them long to contact me personally through Twitter and ask me what the actual problem was. A few tweets later we shared information and our email addresses in order to communicate. They asked me additional questions and even asked me if I could prepare some sample files for them to analyze, hoping they could locate the problem and possibly solve it in a next version.

Final Word

As you can see, it might take some practicing and some time to actually start using Social Media to improve your product, service or brand. But you should take a moment to monitor what people are saying about you. While monitoring, chances are you will also encounter some negative feedback.

Your main goal now isn't to tell them to shut up or make them delete that feedback, but instead use that negative feedback to get more information. Set up a personal communication with the person in question and try to see how you can help them fix their problems or issues.

You might even want to get into Social Media yourselves and create a Twitter of Facebook account for your product, service or brand in order for your customers to target their feedback directly to you.

One thing is certain, no matter how you actually use Social Media, it can be an immense source of information which should allow you to learn from previous mistakes and improve your product, service or brand !


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    Interesting. But I think it shows social media primarily from a user perspective.

    The clue is not only to listen and to use info for CRM, R&D and Communication purposes but also to use the new channels for the above.

    This implies that u build an internal community with channels to the outer world, which gives a hightened perception of service and personal experience with the brand.

    Greetings to @StefaanLesage

    written by Koen Verbrugge on 02/12/2009
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    I have to agree with you Koen.  The things I mentioned are only a small part of the Big Pricture.  Quite a few companies are already building an online presence using the different Social Media websites which are available to thm.

    Personally, I still have to learn quite a few things in that area.  Not quite sure yet on how I could build an online presence on things like FaceBook or Twitter for our own company.

    Sure it’s easy to create a Twitter account for our Company, and I did that a while ago @DeviaBE, but now I will have to figure out how to actually use that, what information to post there, maybe check if we could do something with FaceBook or even YouTube and other Social Media Websites.  I’m quite sure it will take us a few tries before we get it right :-)



    written by Stefaan Lesage on 02/12/2009
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