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Be-Delphi is organizing their first (of many) Delphi Developer Day on November 17th in Edegem near Antwerp. That day will be completely dedicated to Delphi and Prism.

At Be-Delphi, Devia will be holding a talk about the new LiveBindings in Delphi XE2, so be sure to grab a hold of me and say hello !

Our Presentation at Barcamp Antwerp

written by Stefaan Lesage on 22/03/2009

Brief summary of the presentation about podcasting I gave at Barcamp Antwerp.


For the second time I was present at a Barcamp here in Belgium, this time in Antwerp. Since I recently published an article on 'Podcasting as an Educational Tool' on our website, I decided that I could prepare a little presentation about it as well.

The presentation was just a brief summary of the article, but I did add in some examples of podcasts with educational content for each type of podcasts I mentioned in the article. I promised to put the the list online including links to their website, so here we go :

Examples of podcasts with educational content

Audio Podcasts

Mees Podcast

This (Dutch) podcast is created by Maarten Hendrikx, together with his 11 to 12 year old studens. On a weekly basis they record a 15 minute podcast in which they tell a few jokes, riddles and other things.

Nothing really spectacular you would say, but by using Podcasting at an early age they actually learn a lot about podcasting, technology and things like RSS feeds, blogs, ... The Mees Podcast was actually the first Belgian Classroom Podcast.

You can find more information on the Mees Podcast on their website


The Kidcast is a podcast dedicated to learning the technology and teaching using Podcasting. A geat podcast about Podcasting in the Classroom. More information can be found on the KidCast Website

Radio Lingua Network Podcasts

Great resouce on Language Learning Podcasts. Radio Lingua Network brings you podcasts which can be used to Catalan, Danish, English, French, German, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Luxembougish, Norwegian, Pollish, Romanian, Russian & Spanish. More information is available on the Radio Lingua Network.

.Net Rocks

.Net rocks is a weekly talkshow for anyone interested in programming on the Microsoft .Net platform. Content ranges from introductory information to hardcore codeing geekness. Check the .Net Rocks website if you want to learn more

Podcasters' Emporium

Another podcast about podcasting which I discovered recently. If you ever want to know how to start with podcasting, how to plan a podcast, how to set up your recording studio, be sure to check out the Podcasters' Emporium Podcast

Enhanced Podcasts

One Minute Japanese

As I mentioned in the section about Audio Podcasts, the people at Radio Lingua Network offer great Language Courses in Podcast format. The Premium version of these podcasts is available as an enhanced podcast which contains additional PDF material.

Neat Little Mac Apps

This podcast offers tutorials on some neat little mac applications. It is an audio podcast which has been enhanced with Screenshots of the corresponding application. If you want to learn more, check out the Neat Little Mac Apps website.

Video Podcasts

Izzy Video

One of the first podcasts I ever consumed. Excellent resource on how to Shoot, Edit and produce better Video’s. Recently Isreal Hyman also released the Learn Final Cut Pro 6 : The Izzy Video Guide for Beginners, an excellent set of 38 web-based training videos which total more than 6 hours of training. More information can be found on the Izzy Video Website.


This podcast is intended to teach you how to program Cocoa for Mac OS X. The CocoaCast Website contains additional articles and exercises.


Get better at the things you like to do, which could be Scrapbooking ! Excellent Video podcast, produced by Israel Hymann (IzzyVideo). If you want to learn more about Scrapbooking, make sure to check the Paperclipping Website and podcast.


Screencasts Online

THE resource for English Macintosh Video tutorials created by Don McAllister. Years ago this actually started out as a hobby project for Don, but meanwhile it has grown into a Business for him. New tutorials are made available on a weekly basis ! If you want to have a look at the big list of available tutorials, make sure to check out the Screencasts Online Webiste.

Photo Walkthrough

This podcast is actually a combination between a Video podcast and a screencast. This time the topic is Digital Photography. Great tutorials on how to enhance your pictures using Photoshop and Lightroom. If you are into Digital Photography and Photoshop, make sure to have a look at the Photo Walkthrough Website.

iTutor Podcast

Well, this was actually a shameless plug, since the iTutor Podcast is a personal project I started a few years ago. I noticed that there are plenty of Macintosh Video tutorials available in English, but I had a few friends which don't understand English, so I started to create a few iPhoto tutorials in Dutch / Flemish, and that is actually how the iTutor Podcast was born.

The presentation : Podcasting as an Educational Tool

For those interested I have included a link to the presentation on Slideshare. I noticed something went wrong with a few colors when I uploaded my Keynote Presentation, so I'm still trying to fix that, but meanwhile you can already have a look at the presentation :


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    Die van RadioLingua zijn super. Ik volg al enige tijd Spaanse les in avondschool, maar die podcasts van RL zijn een mooie aanvulling. Hebben trouwens vorig jaar een prijs gewonnen met hun project.

    written by Nancy Verbrugghe on 22/03/2009
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    Thanks, Stefaan, for mentioning the Radio Lingua podcasts in your presentation. And thanks, Nancy, for your recommendation too!

    written by Mark Pentleton on 23/03/2009
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