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Whats new in Final Cut Pro 7

written by Stefaan Lesage on 07/08/2009

Earlier this week we received our copy of the new Final Cut Studio and installed it on our Mac Pro. The installation took a while, but there are some features which make this a worthwile upgrade. In this article we will be guiding you through some of the new features in Final Cut Pro 7.

Flexible markers


Adding colored markers

Colored markers

A nice enhancement in Final Cut Pro 7 is the new Marker system. You now have the option to color-code you markers in your sequences and clips using 8 different colors. In the Marker Dialog box you simply click to choose a different color or use the keyboard shortcuts to add them.

Each color has its own keyboard shortcut which can be triggered using the shift in combination with one of the number keys. If you use the option + shift + number key you can even add a marker and edit it directly without stopping playback.

Ripple sequence markers


Ripple Sequence Markers

The guys at apple added a new option called Ripple Sequence Markers, which can be found in the Sequence menu. Previously your markers were somehow 'fixed' on your sequence / timeline. When cutting a piece of video out and closing the gaps, your markers wouldn't move along.

Using this new option your markers will ripple when cutting a piece of video out and when doing trims as well. Additionally you can now easily move markers in your sequence by simply command clicking on them and moving them to their new position.


Enhanced Tabs

Convenient tabs

The tabs in your browser have changed as well ! It is now fairly easy to distinguis the tabs for Projects from the Bins using a new icon in the Tab header. Another nice change is that you can now also color code your bins using the Label feature, and that the color will get displayed in the tab for that bin.

There are a few more additions to the tabs in FCP. You can now choose to Close Other Tabs to close all non active bins or sequences using a single click, or one of the new keyboard shortcuts

I am not sure if it was possible in Final Cut Pro 6, but in the new version you can easily reposition the tabs in your browser window.


New Share Window

New share option

Apparently it is now possible output your sequence in the output format of your choice using the new Share window. You can easily add output formats, and what's even better is that you can continue working in FCP while your project gets rendered and compressed. In the previous version of Final Cut Pro, you couldn't do anything while your sequence was getting exported, so this is could be a big time saver.

For some strange reason I couldn't get my Virtual Render Cluster to process the files from the Share Command, and using the Send to Compressor button on the Share Window and submitting from there didn't seem to work for me neither. I will have to investigate this, since it might be an issue with how I have everything configured.

Currently I still have to manually export the Sequences using the traditional File - Export method, save them to my disk, and bring that file into compressor. The File - Export method still locks up Final Cut Pro though, so in my case it didn't seem to work as expected.

Luckily I can still export from FCP to a file, drag that into compressor and submit to my Virtual Cluster form Compressor. That seems to work perfectly !


Change Speed Window

Enhanced speed change tools

In Final Cut Pro 7 it is now a lot easier to do speed changes on a selected clip by using the new Speed Change window. It now has options to ease in the speed at the start of the clip and ease it out at the end of the clip. The new speed tool also has an option to Ripple Sequence the speed change.

Before you had to manually close the gaps after you changed the speed of a clip, but with this new option the rest of the sequence will ripple along of you increase or decrease the speed of a clip.



Global Transitions

Global transitions

There have been some improvements to the way you can add transitions in Final Cut Pro as well. A big improvement is that you can add the same transition to a selection of clips or a complete sequence at once. Simply select the clips and then add the transition to it. Final Cut Pro will make sure the selected transition will be inserted at every cut and it will even try to resize the transitions in order to use the available media.

If you are not happy with the transition you added to the selected clip it can easily get replaced with a different one by selecting the clips again and dropping the new transition onto them.

Alpha transitions

Another new feature in Final Cut Pro 7 is the possibility to use so called Alpha Transitions to create stunning transitions. You can download a set of well designed transitions from the Final Cut Pro Resources page. I did it and tried a few of them out, and they look great !

If you want more Alpha Transitions, I'm sure some third-party resellers will create additional ones pretty soon. The creative minds reading this post should be aware that you can create your own Alpha Transitions as will using motion or another animation package.


Many more features have been added to Final Cut Pro 7, but I just mentioned those I will probably be using a lot. If you want to get a complete list of all the new features added in Final Cut Pro 7, you can always have a look at the Appe - Final Cut Studio - Whats new page

Its a pitty that the new Share option isn't working using my Virtual Render cluster yet, but as I mentioned I might have a look at it and see if it isn't something with my configuration. I hope I will be able to get that working, since it would save me some time exporting the files manually. Luckily my Virtual Render Cluster is still working perfectly even with this new version of Final Cut Studio.


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    Thanks for the review :) It is always handy to see what’s new summed up in one place and from a user perpective.

    written by Geert Leyseele on 30/08/2009
  • 2

    Glad you like it :-)

    Really loving some of the new features in FCP.  They already saved me quite some time.



    written by Stefaan Lesage on 29/09/2009
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    Thanks Stefaan, your input on these new products are very helpful.

    written by Jonathan zolfo on 24/10/2009
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    thank for the rewiew.I have a quenstion what is the speed tools?

    written by www.animetr.com on 25/01/2010
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    Speed tools is what you can use to make a clip (or part of a clip) play in slow motion or speed it up.



    written by Stefaan Lesage on 27/01/2010
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