Podcasting & New Media Technologies

+  Do you have a great idea for a podcast, but have no idea how to start it up ?
+  Do you need help determining the format, where to host your podcast files ?
+  Do you need help in setting up your Podcast feed, submitting it to iTunes and getting it in the PodCast directories ?
+  Do you want to know how you can track your subscribers / listeners / viewers in order to convince a sponsor ?
+  Do you already have the content, but want to learn how you can use it for Podcast purposes ?
+  Do you want to know how Podcast can help you and your company ?
+  … or do you need a good video tutorial or Screencast for your Software Product ?

If you were even tempted to think ‘…well maybe…’ when reading one of these questions, then you have come to the right spot. With over 2 years of experience in these New Media Technologies, we can assist you in finding a solution to your needs. Whether you are just starting with New Media Technologies, already have an existing podcast, or just want to learn how you can use the Medium, we at Devia are sure we can help you !

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